ULO Optics is the leading European manufacturer of laser optics, a position held for more than two decades. The optics manufactured by ULO are often used in high power laser systems and have always been designed for such environments. Apart from optimum design and manufacturing standards, the key to the success of any optic relates to the coating performance.

A wide range of coatings are available for our products.

  • AR coatings for lenses and windows include standard AR, UltraLO AR, Dual-Band AR, Broad & Wide-Band AR and diamond-like carbon (DLC) AR. The AR coatings can be tailored for your specific wavelengths as needed. And special coating is available for Brewster windows which enhances the difference in S and P reflectance/transmittance.
  • Special coatings for 9.3 um and 9-11 um available.
  • Mirrors can be Supermax R, NiCu Gold, and Gold coated copper. Phase retarders are available on copper and silicon. We also offer a specialized coating for polarization forcing mirrors.
  • Partial reflectors are available from 0.75% to 99.9%, plus a polarization-insensitive 50:50 beam splitter as well as beam combiners.


ULO Optics is an ISO certified company and quality is at the heart of everything we do.  With a host of industrial affiliations you can rely on ULO to deliver.

Diversification into 1 micron optics

ULO Collaborate on the LaserSnake2 project, developing laser cutting optics for safe, remote cutting in air and in water, focused on nuclear decommissioning.