BSU7060 Polarization Insensitive, 2 Way Switchable

Introduction switchable-beam-splitter diagram
Model BSU7060 is a 2-way switchable polarization-insensitive beamsplitter. When using this class
of beamsplitter the state of polarization of both output beams is the same as the state of polarization
of the input beam.
The switch feature, enabling either 1-beam (100% power) or 2-beam output enables use of the
BSU7060 unit in applications where sometimes the full power capability of the laser is needed for
part of a process. Water cooling fittings are provided, and the water is internally distributed.
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Fig 70.231
Weight : 6.5 kg
Construction : Aluminium, black-anodised.
Connections : Either: free rotating coupling rings 52.0 dia x 1.5 pitch (female).
Or: male threads 52.0 dia x 1.5 pitch allowing direct connection of TM25
mirror and FF25 focus units. (See Fig 70.231).
Water cooling : Via 8/6 metric fittings.
Power split : 50:50 or 100:0 (user-switchable).
Optics : Beamsplitter is ZnSe P/no 15.7ZPF4-50N
Mirrors are Cu P/no 19.7SMA10-00
Max power : 3 kW cw (estimated)
Clear aperture : 28mm diameter.
Beam separation : 150mm standard. (Special options: 160mm, 210mm.)
Associated equipment
BSU7060 may be supplied with ULO Optics standard free-rotating couplings. This version
connects to OPG piping (data section 61) or to lateral/tilt adjustment units described in data section 72.
Alternatively, BSU7060 may be supplied with male thread fittings, as illustrated in fig 70.231. In this
configuration the unit is often used with a TM25 mirror block (data section 62) connected directly
to the input port, and two FF25 or Cff25 focusing units (data section 63) connected directly to the
output ports. In turn, the focusing heads are equipped with suitable mounted lenses and gas nozzles
(data section 8.00-9.80).
Applications notes
Model BSU7060 is usually used in ceramics scribing and profiling applications. The beam
separation of at least 150mm allows larger workstations to be used than is possible with the
BSU25-S unit.
Used in the two-beam mode, double production capacity is achieved for ceramics scribing. The
single-beam mode allows deeper, faster profiling.

switchable beam splitter