BSU4-180 Polarisation-Insensitive 4-way Switchable

Model BSU4-180 is a switchable 4-way beamsplitter of the polarization-insensitive type.
BSU4-180 is one example of a class of beamsplitters that can be constructed by incorporating
standard optical switch; mirror, and fixed beamsplitter modules into a product specific design of
BSU4-180 allows switching between 1, 2 and 4-beam outputs.
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Fig 70.411
Weight : Approx 20 kg
Construction : Aluminium, black anodised.
Connections : Via free-rotating coupling rings
52.0mm dia x 1.5 pitch (female).
Water-cooling : Via 8/6 quick-release couplings. Internally distributed.
Power split : Any of…
100% : 0% : 0% : 0%
50% : 50% : 0% : 0%
25% : 25% : 25% : 25%4-way-beam-splitter-diagram

Optics : Beamsplitters, ZnSe P/no 15.7ZPF4-50N (3 off) 2 off switchable, 1 fixed.
Mirrors, Cu P/no 19.7SMA10-00 (5 off).
Max power : 3 kW cw (estimated).
Clear aperture : 28mm diameter.
Beam separation : 180mm between output ports.
Power split accuracy : ± 1%
Associated equipment
OPG piping (data section 61) connects directly to all input and output ports. Either FF25 or CFF25
focusing heads (data section 63) may be connected to the OPG pipes to form the basis of four
processing heads.
For ceramics processing, ideal mounted lenses are 11TF series and the associated gas nozzle is type
GNA (data section 20).
Due to the differences in path length from the input port to each output port, the user might consider
installation of a suitable beamexpander (BE25 series) near the laser output. This enables almost
identical beam diameter and optical performance at each output location.
Applications notes
BSU4-180 allows production of up to four identical parts using a single laser and X-Y table (suitably
Typical applications include ceramics scribing/profiling, the production of decorative plastic or
wooden parts, and processing plastic materials for artwork.