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Beams, Tubes, Supports and Accessories

Tubes are supplied in standard lengths as shown in the parts list. Each tube is supplied with one internal coupling ring. The extender pipe can be used to fill the in-between sizes, or could be used as a coarse focus adjustment. Tube supports are available in various optical axis heights. These are to adjust the exit heights at which the beam leaves the appropriate laser. (73, 78, 81, and 123mm are available as standard). Others can be supplied on request. Converter rings are required if several components are coupled together and need to be locked in a certain orentation.

  • Safely contain beam
  • Maintain beam axis height
  • Extendable pipes available to bridge gaps
  • Converter rings to couple componentsCO2mpact Photo small
Part Number Diameter Length Clear Aperture
C-BP30 31 mm 30 mm 19 mm
C-BP50 31 mm 50 mm 19 mm
C-BP100 31 mm 100 mm 19 mm
C-BP300 31 mm 300 mm 19 mm
C-BPXX 31 mm xx mm 19 mm
C-BPE50/70 31 mm 50-70 mm 19 mm
C-BPE85/125 31 mm 85-125 mm 19 mm

For further information please see our CO2mpact brochure here

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