Introducing YBE beamexpanders. Designed for low power (500W) laser such as Nd:YAG and Yb doped fibre lasers operating near the 1μm wavelength.

The beamexpanders are of Galilean design and use Multi-spectral Zinc Sulphide for the optics which has an absorbption at 1μm of 0.0005cm−1 (similar to ZnSe at 10.6μm).

ZnS also has 20 times the thermal conductivity of Fused Silica and a higher refractive index. The refractive index allows a two element design to be used rather than three elements.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions:85mm long, 46mm maximum diameter
 Focusing:+/-3mm lens spacing from infinity position corresponding to approximately +/-1.5mm focusing distance respectively. Turning the focusing ring translates the lens without rotating it.
Output aperture:30mm diameter (all magnifications).
Input aperture:See the table below..
Fittings:M30 x 1.0 thread on input for 4.7mm length, M43 x 0.5 thread on output for 5mm length.
Materials:Lenses of Multi-Spectral ZnS, body from black anodised aluminium, brass, Delrin® and stainless steel


THE YBE Beamexpander Range

Part NumberMagPhysical input Aperture Max. input beam dia. (approx.)
YBE1.51.518 mm12.0mm
YBE2.02.015 mm10.0mm
YBE2.52.512 mm8.0mm
YBE3.03.010 mm7.0mm
YBE3.53.58.3 mm5.5mm
YBE4.04.07.5 mm5.0mm
YBE5.05.06.0 mm4.0mm
YBE6.06.05.0 mm3.5mm
YBE7.07.04.25 mm2.8mm

Quality Assured.

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