Accessories for MF38 Reflective Focussing head

The MF38/A/SA mirror-based focusing head is one part of a complete focusing system. The accessories described in this
data section may be added, as required, to form a complete focusing system, with the following features:
* Gas sealed … (using MF38/B/SA).
* Rotational capability about X axis … (using MF38/D/SA).
* Accepts vertical input beam … (using MF38/E/SA).
* Assist-gas nozzle … (using MF38/F/SA).
MF38 focusing systems are intended for use with high power lasers in welding and cutting applications. They provide a
low optics cost, yet high-performance option to the use of off-axis parabolas. With all accessories fitted, these systems
may be used for high gas pressure cutting at powers up to 10kW.
Technical specifications
(1) MF38/B/SA Sealing window
Dimensions : See figure 29.21.
Clear aperture : 46mm diameter.
Construction : Aluminium alloy cell, black anodised, with ZnSe pressure window 50.8mm diameter x 10mm thick.
Gas pressure : Up to 20 bar.
Sealing : ‘O’ ring seals.
Operation : Fixed to MF38/A/SA using 8 x M3 screw.
(2) MF38/C/SA Fixed flange interface
Dimensions and details as per MF38/D/SA, but no rotational capability (1-piece flange).
(3) MF38/D/SA Rotary flange interface
Dimensions : See figure 29.22.
Clear aperture : 48mm diameter.
Construction : Aluminium alloy flanges, black anodised, with two low-profile bearings and stainless steel lock
Angle scale : Engraved at 10° intervals over ±90° from zero (vertical) position.
Operation : Affixes to MF38/A/SA (over MF38/B/SA) and connects to customer equipment (horizontal beam
input) or to MF38/E/SA for vertical beam input.
(4) MF38/E/SA Auxiliary mirror block
Dimensions : See figure 29.23.
Clear aperture : 48mm diameter.
Construction : Aluminium alloy frame and main parts. Stainless steel tilt screws. NiCu mirror, gold coated,
standard 75mm diameter x 15 thick type (P/no 29.5NCA15-00).
Cooling : Water cooled, via 8/6 size fittings.
Operation : Connects to MF38/D/SA interface flange to allow vertical beam input. Factory
pre-aligned if purchased as part of complete MF38 focusing system.
(5) MF38/F/SA Assist-gas nozzles
Dimensions : See figure 29.24.
Construction : Aluminium alloy, black anodised, ‘O’ ring seals, stainless steel lateral adjust screws, and Cu nozzle
Lateral range : ±2.5mm.
Vertical range : ±4.0mm.
Gas inlet : 8/6 size.
Gas pressure : To 15 bar.
Operation : Nozzle model MF38/F/190 affixes directly to MF38/A/190 head. Other nozzle models require an
interface adaptor (supplied as part of the designated nozzle). See data section 29.1 for table of
nozzle/head part numbers.

focussing head accessories