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Abberation Corrected Lenses

Aspheric lenses and aberration free lens doublets are high performance alternatives to our short focal length ZLF series meniscus lenses. Both options give diffraction limited performance by correcting the spherical aberration that is present in a “best form” meniscus lens.

The aspheric surface is most effective in lenses of short focal length. See below for a selection of the aspheric lenses we can offer.

The alternative solution to eliminating spherical aberrations is through our TF series of aberration corrected double element lenses.

  • Diffraction limited performance by eliminating the spherical aberration
  • AR coated
  • Also available mounted


Part Number Diameter [mm] EFL [mm] BFL [mm] FFL [mm] WD* [mm]
10ZAL25.4 25.4 25.4 21.7 19.9 18.9
11ZAL25.4 28 25.4 21.3 19 18
11ZAL38.1 28 38.1 35.4 34.7 33.1
11ZAL50.8 28 50.8 47.9 47.1 46.1
11ZAL63.5 28 63.5 60.8 60.1 59.1
15ZAL38.1 38.05 38.1 33.6 30.9 29.9
15ZAL50.8 38.05 50.8 47.2 45.6 44.6
15ZAL63.5 38.05 63.5 60.2 60 59
15ZAL95.3 38.05 95.3 92.4 91.6 90.6
15ZAL127 38.05 127 124.3 123.6 122.6

*WD = Working distance when mounted in M10, M11 or M15 mount
FL = Focal Length


Please note that this page is only a representation of our most commonly used items and is not our entire product line. If there is an item not listed or you have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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