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Flat and Curved Partial Reflectors

ULO Optics’ flat and curved partial reflectors are used as output couplers in CO2 laser cavities. Many of our partial reflectors are available with reflectance values for use at normal incidence between 1% and 99.6%.

A full range of polarisation specific partial reflectors are available for use at 45 degrees to split the beam are also available, see beam splitters.

  • Many different reflectance values available
  • Flat or curved partial reflectors available
  • OEM equivalents for your cavity available

The following curved partial reflectors are available, other are available upon request.

Part No Material Diameter ET Coating
5.9ZPC0010 ZnSe 15mm 3mm AR/85%
60.4ZPC001 ZnSe 16.2mm 2.7mm AR/17%
6.4ZPC0020 ZnSe 16.2mm 2.7mm AR/17%
10GER15-99 Ge 25.4mm 6mm AR/99.6%
10GER20-99 Ge 25.4mm 3mm AR/99.5%
10ZPC0010 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/40%
10ZPC0015 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/50%
10ZPC0020 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/50%
10ZPC0022 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/50%
10ZPC0030 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/50%
10ZPC0040 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/50%
10ZPC0045 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/60%
10ZPC0050 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/65%
10ZPC0060 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/65%
10ZPC0062 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/99.5%
10ZPC0063 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/99.5%
10ZPC0064 ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/99.5%
10ZPC0066 ZnSe 25.4mm 4.7mm AR/99%
10ZPC0068 ZnSe 25.4mm 4mm AR/60%
10ZPC0070 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/99.6%
10ZPC0080 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/99.6%
10ZPC0085 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/99.6%
10ZPC0090 ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/99.6%
11GER10-99.5 Ge 28mm 6mm AR/99.5%
11GER20-99.5 Ge 28mm 6mm AR/99.5%
11GER30-99.5 Ge 28mm 5.6mm AR/99.5%
11MNFO010 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/50%
11MNFO020 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/50%
11MNFO030 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/50%
11MNFO040 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/75%
11MNRO010 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/99.2%
11MNRO020 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/99.2%
11NFO010 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/50%
11NFO020 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/50%
11NFO030 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/50%
11NFO040 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/75%
11NRO010 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/99.2%
11NRO020 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/99.2%
11ZPC0010 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/50%
11ZPC0016 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/17%
11ZPC0017 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/17%
11ZPC0018 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/17%
11ZPC0020 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/60%
11ZPC0022 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/60%
11ZPC0030 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/65%
11ZPC0033 ZnSe 28mm 3mm AR/99%
11ZPC0040 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/65%
11ZPC0041 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/40%
11ZPC0049 ZnSe 28mm 4mm AR/40%
11ZPC0050 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/99%
11ZPC0059 ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/50%
12.6ZPC0010 ZnSe 32mm 5mm AR/99.6%
15GER35-99.5 Ge 38.05mm 4mm AR/99.5%
15ZPC0016 ZnSe 38.05mm 6.3mm AR/99.6%
15ZPC0020 ZnSe 38.05mm 6mm AR/99.6%
15ZPC0060 ZnSe 38.05mm 8mm AR/60%
15ZPC0097 ZnSe 38.05mm 6.18mm AR/97%
20ZPC0011 ZnSe 50.8mm 5mm AR/85%

The following flat partial reflectors are available.  Others are available upon request.

Part No Material Diameter ET Coating
10ZPF3-17-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/17%
10ZPF3-40-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/40%
10ZPF3-50-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/50%
10ZPF3-60-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/60%
10ZPF3-65-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/65%
10ZPF3-70-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/70%
10ZPF3-75-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/75%
10ZPF3-80-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/80%
10ZPF3-85-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/85%
10ZPF3-85-S ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/85%-45S
10ZPF3-90-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/90%
10ZPF3-95-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/95%
10ZPF3-99-N ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/99%
10ZPF3-99-R ZnSe 25.4mm 3mm AR/99%-45R
10ZPF4-85-N ZnSe 25.4mm 4mm AR/85%
10ZPF6-50-N ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/50%
10ZPF6-60-N/td> ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/60%
10ZPF6-65-N ZnSe 25.4mm 6mm AR/65%
11GPF458679 GaAs 28mm 3mm AR/65%
11GPF8679 GaAs 28mm 3mm AR/65%
11ZPF3-27-N ZnSe 28mm 3.1mm AR/27%
11ZPF3-50-N ZnSe 28mm 3mm AR/50%
11ZPF3-60-N ZnSe 28mm 3mm AR/60%
11ZPF3-65-N ZnSe 28mm 3.1mm AR/65%
11ZPF3-85-N ZnSe 28mm 3.1mm AR/85%
11ZPF6-60-N ZnSe 28mm 6mm AR/60%
12.6ZPF5-17-N ZnSe 32mm 5mm AR/17%
15ZPF3-17-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/17%
15ZPF3-1-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/1%
15ZPF3-25-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/25%
15ZPF3-28-S ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/28%-45S
15ZPF3-33-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/33.3%
15ZPF3-45-R ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/45%-45R
15ZPF3-50-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/50%
15ZPF3-57-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/57%
15ZPF3-5-S ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/5%-45S
15ZPF3-60-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/60%
15ZPF3-65-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/65%
15ZPF3-70-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/70%
15ZPF3-75-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/75%
15ZPF3-80-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/80%
15ZPF3-85-N ZnSe 38.05mm 3mm AR/85%
15ZPF3-90-N ZnSe 38.05mm 6mm AR/90%
15ZPF4-25-N ZnSe 38.05mm 4mm AR/25%
15ZPF4-60-N ZnSe 38.05mm 4mm AR/60%
15ZPF6-99-N ZnSe 38.05mm 6mm AR/99%
15.7ZPF4-50-N ZnSe 40mm 4mm AR/50%
17.5ZPF4-17-N ZnSe 44.45mm 4mm AR/17%
19.7ZPF4-50-N ZnSe 50mm 4mm AR/50%
20ZPF5-50-S-9.4 ZnSe 50.8mm 5mm AR/50%-45S
20ZPF5-99-P-9.4 ZnSe 50.8mm 5mm AR/99%-45P
20ZPF5-99-S-9.4 ZnSe 50.8mm 5mm AR/99%-45S

Quality Assured.

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